ByeNoise - Remove Background Noise From Video/Audio

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ByeNoise is a powerful noise reduction tool that cleans the sound of your audio/video files and boosts important parts inside them. It also has a built in recorder to record crystal clean audio and perform different AI denoising algorithms on the recordings.

ByeNoise lets you easily clean your audio/video files from unwanted background noise (like wind, hums, whistles, buzzes, hiss, whines, fan noise and more) and enhance the important sound (like the speaker, singer or the guitar). You can then easily share the clean results with your friends.



  • Remove background noise from audio/video files with a single tap
  • Clean noises like wind, hums, whistles, buzzes, hiss, whines, fan noise and more
  • Load files from photo library, Files app or iCloud
  • Eliminate static or electrical noise
  • Choose between a few different smart AI noise reduction algorithms


  • Audio recorder with AI to reduce background noise
  • Get crystal clear recordings and share with your friends
  • Create audiobooks or speeches using our recorder to get clean recordings


  • Choose "Speech Only" to remove everything but the speaker
  • Everything that is not human voice will be removed (if you choose v2-Speech Only)
  • If you want to keep other important sounds except for noises, choose v1


  • After performing noise reduction the app also boosts the important sounds in the video/audio
  • You can also use the app as a simple volume booster to increase file's volume regardless to the iPhone's volume


  • Load video formats of MOV, MP4, M4V, FLV, MKV, MPG, 3GP and more
  • Load audio formats of WAV, MP3, M4A, M4B, AAC, AC3, WMA and more
  • Or just create your own recordings using our great audio recorder

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